Organic Thoughts


My creaky rocker, the folding of my fire

The tire in my fighter, a lie painted to hire

Making the waiting mistaken for patience

Breaking syntax to relapse the elements

Remember relevance? Standard forms of penance, masturbatory congratulations, lacking in purification

Sizzling silence breaking sweat over my poor timing, broken rye meningitis

I’ve tracked the laughs. They seem to be coming from my own devices. Hit the switch kid, a break is better than breaking

Organic Thoughts

Peeling Paint

The rocky pavement
An imaginary mental persuasion
My waning complacence in
and out

The stony containment
An awful orientation
My misplaced intentions in
and out

The pebble rolled slower than the boulder
and slept even longer.

An enigmatic answer sold songs
as composure.

My broken ropes and silly notes
are nothing but
a bother.

I watched the water flowing backwards in the river
and out.

Organic Thoughts

Problematic Content

Maxillary mistletoe
The problem with
broken bones

Shavings from a stone pepper the floormat I weaved alone
as a kid.
Who could’ve known?
Who should’ve?

A new ring everyday,
tones fit for broken microphones.

Lone strolls into
Last night was

half wise,
half tied,
one sun over
two skies

The nature of our blindness astounded me
at first
then last
and finally

a word from our sponsers

Organic Thoughts


Subtle bombs
flow wolf
to shook
Bindless books
know now

A waterfall can make or break a cliff face.

An architectual anomaly actually answers arithmetic accurately, although ancestors anxiously asked animals about addition.

The Condition

Rarely outlining lines
outside ordinary places
an appalling apolgy.