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Cantaloupe Sky

What if there was another you?

The same exact husk
hue tone scream
cry laugh moan

Your thoughts unwound,
but your secrets not alone.

You is now present,
standing in your home.

Do you befriend You?
Do you kill You?

You sit and stare at You in the kitchen doorway.


Within the hour You’re both dead

Sorry, my mirror thought that was
a riot.

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What Thaw

At this moment,
it has been years
since I survived
the chills of autumn

The burning flesh
of an oak
embellishes a country road.

I wonder if trees love the smell of burning skin?

I wonder if the temperature read backwards is just out an in?

Or is it in an out?

The servitude of our luxurious pillow cushions cost me a fortune more than a manger of imagination.

Forgiving forgetfulness forgoes for fantastical flagrancy


Organic Thoughts

The Wind Owes

The hardest quit, a foundation
mended with invisible lists.
To do or to float,
to have hands
without rails to hold.
Sifting through the daylight, the sunny skies,
for blind spots in the
missing of rain drops.

I’ve called me names,
similar to a veiled disgrace,
or rather untimely sights sent
to the mountaintop to beg for
My spine chills to the second
I think of the swift sensation.

A border is only meant for those who believe in a chance for redemption.