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Expected Expectoration

Tell a vision,

bass times and rabbit heads,

dastardly disaster


in happiness,


and loving it.


Masochistic matrimony

masking all the static in a

blue dream

and kissing scene,




Imploding imperfection

in support of being

every nothing’s




or was it?


The subject of discussion

is heading out for brunch,

stuttering its way to lunch,

suffering while the main course

is cooking in the oven.




Organic Thoughts, Uncategorized

Bored Board

A perfect ending to the start of a story

of me and I

sitting on the edge of a quarry


the visions as they’re slipping in and out

of the pavement,

eternally transfixed on the elemental

instance, the inference,

mistaking commitment.


What is this?

A figment

of discoloring dissonance?

Simplifying significance?

Capturing all the candidates

in silicone,

a miserable existence, insistent,

malicious, but rhythmic,

atoned, but consistent,

mistook, but mistaken,

irrelevantly sentenced

to heaven,

compelling the impartial to eleven,

and slandering the solitary

making all this movement.


I’m human, and stupid,

an essence of my looming

confusion, and maybe

something sleeping in my vehicle

is losing,

but time can only relegate

the masses.

The breath inside the breathless

only measured by an airlessness.

Organic Thoughts, Uncategorized

Till Ever

Beauty in a sentiment.

Chance without the fear of regret.

Is everything the thought that you’ve conceived yet?

Or is it just the notion of a person you’ve never met?


Get set, the buzzer yelled awhile ago, and you

are pondering your presence at the front door.

More is less, and life is too complex, messed

the message with a

missed conception.


As a plume for the atom,

I say softly but with stern embrace that

reaction is just the sum of

finally falling on your face.


Messages I’ve lettered, but deleted with a quick temper

measure my style as a precomposed

backspace sender. Better

to fall than to fly on fire.

Lying in a truthful spire.

Arranging constitution as a raffle

for the highest bidder.


Organic Thoughts


sitting as I lay,
standing as I pace,
walking as I stay,
relaxing as I drift away

regarding as I whisper,
silent screaming whimpers,
misguided tempers,
erratic alternating snickers

a city in the sky,
rain without the time,
flowers smell alive,
dying sensual delight

a mask without the holes,
growing till I’m grown,
waiting till I’m whole,
exploding until

I’m left alone