Organic Thoughts, Uncategorized


To the sweet in your heart

and obsessive implication,

I beg of you to tighten this

vice grip

and catch me the scent of your

fleeting flower fragrance

passing by my

squinting eyelids,

with my smile

casting ear to ear.


You are so simply real,

to me.

The painter casting silhouettes throughout

my timid trees.

A shadow scared in darkness

except when solely sewn to see.


why can’t they all just

let us





Composed Thoughts, Uncategorized

A Pleasant Point

Blood from your veins

as the smell before rain,

sets a tremble in waves

towards a floating

in peace.

As I’ve seen you in dreams,

I’ve envisioned you sleeping

with your

all together breathless making

movies in your eyelids.

Maybe time can step aside

and let me melt into your mind.

I find it hard enough to slip inside

your grace without

forgetting life,

and fathoming a future

where your time is spent

composed in mine.

The weather in my room is awfully


except when you pass through

and turn forever into everything

I’d love to do.

If something is the substance

from a nothing that I’ve lived


you were every melody

I traipsed until you

gave me rhythm.