Organic Thoughts

Stars through the Water

I've seen how the coincidence can occur
inside a plethora of blessings.
Sending pictures in the light
that you only see in the dark.
If ever the weather permitted better
we should fall on to the 
flowers fleeting.

Unto upshot
into no one,
shining mining for gold 
lockets and syntax errors
we radiate unknowingly.

In here it feels like Sinking up.
And showers feel 
Organic Thoughts

The Soft Sound of Silence

until we meet
again I stumble
with and without
a sense of direction
but you

shaking in my boots
I grip the slipping 
hope I can sleep
tonight or not
but it hurts
so good

the sweetness sours 
my memory of tasting
every broken bottle
cracking at my lips
and I giggle

I wish for nothing
and hope for everything
cleansed in my escape
I stare at the sun
close my eyes
and breathe 

Organic Thoughts

Away in Flames

The embers
don't have an avenue,
but I do.

In the subtle embrace
of nothing,
I find every answer.

Trickled with terror,
the crickets rub their legs
and I listen.

Can the beginning feel more bare?
Should it?
I should know.

This taste is bitter,
but I love it all
too well.

Sink in the somberness,
and bask in it's bite.
I've longed for someone
to share my sulk
with a smile.

I will find you, dear.

As it Seems

The time it took for something to settle.
The mode I made to feather my feathers.
Extremely unseen,
and unevenly kempt.
Obnoxious, you scream
as evenings commence.
The fiery rivers
have died
to a setting smoke.
I whistle in stuttered fervor,
whimpered wanton departure.
The optic has lagered.
The cigarette slithered.
My faithfulness in you
withered accordingly.