Organic Thoughts

Hello, Goodbye

hello, Belle
my beast to your beauty
the top of my tower 
waiting for you

goodbye to static
fickle forever
I'll see you around
in terrible weather

hello, unknowing
I know you too well
the days of my haze
concocted a spell

goodbye, compulsive 
too quick in your step 
I'll lasso your horns
and keep you in check

hello, sweet stranger
you found me in time
or did I find you
lemon to lime

goodbye, hello
hello, goodbye
night into morning
be kind
please rewind

Organic Thoughts

No Concern

I watch it
over and over and over
the signals I'm seeing
I'm losing composure 

weak in the knees
starting to falter
falling is fun 
when it looks like forever

your hair, I compare
to the prettiest weather
stare in amazement
your star is so rare

perfectly placed 
in the time of my space
you soothe and relinquish
my thorny mistakes

it starts with a syllable
willing the words

no concern 

Organic Thoughts

Drip Drop

clenched jaw
wanted more
woke up and my tongue is sore
thinking that
I think too much
dreaming in a foreign font
every awkward moment playing out 
inside my cranium

somewhere, I see something
wrestling the beast in me
glowing in its beauty 
I can sit inside a darkening
and smile

another mile

dragging out my inner child
show him what's in store and find him
lost inside the candy aisle

tucking tail
filling up my empty well

echoes dancing, dying 
find it hard to drop
a broken pail

Organic Thoughts


I could melt for you
I love to watch you smile
if only for a second
I would go the extra mile
in revel I compare you to
nothing that I've known
you float above the ground
inscribing pavement with your toes
alone, I find it nice to slip
away into away
today I changed a lightbulb
as the filament began to fade
something in the darkness tells me
light is on its way
I think I see your shadow
in the distance
I'm okay
Organic Thoughts

A Moment of Peace

still life
everything in due time
little book
corner nook
hanging up a "closed" sign
mattered fact 
flooding back
standing at the crevice with a 
death wish and permanence 
let me smell the air for just
one more second

You make it taste so good

on high roads and low horses 
riding till the pain passes
looking at the windmill 
like I could take this monster's worst

everything in softer days
let's me know 
I'll be okay
one day I will fade away
but now I'll just enjoy
my stay
Organic Thoughts


my life is like a place in time that I can 
only find it
I bleed for kicks and maybe that's the problem
awfully tragic
it seeps inside my bones and leaves me strung up
out in public
and only I could know the final feeling of 
His logic
you know me
but you don't
if you felt it 
you would choke
I find that fractured
is necessary 
falling into momentary lapses
of speaking on my sentence 
I hate it
and love it
teaching me through sadness
the only peace it lays in something
that I haven't found yet
the sting is piercing 
but I'll always keep on finally fighting
and nobody could tell you
of my tragedy
I'm falling
tortured in my solitude
I'm finally finding solace
Organic Thoughts


arriving early elevator crash course captivating lavishly parading probably pontificating cultivating action slap-shot painting olive skinned honey lipped timeless daydream ceiling everything is alright staring at a stain in the mercy I like the way it sins silly something in the water I don't think I feel so good now that I have your utter silence I am seeing like I should shouldn't look at flaming buttercups enough to speak before I'm told alone is ever-changing in a hole inside the floor four horsemen describing all the moments that they died inside my mind I'm finding ways to force a frightful kind of smile

Composed Thoughts

Birds in the Building

started off with a plot
wrote it in a sonnet
once upon a time
I even knew where it was going
a notion 
of knowing no more potion
exploding expulsions 
requiring compulsion for the
summer solstice

so I believe this disguised it's own wiring
smiling with an honesty 
and something else becoming 
unplugging to nothingness 
caught up in the timing
alive with only feelings
what I'm finding out is lying

to them and to theirs 
good day and goodbye
get out of my head 
I'm out of my mind
Organic Thoughts

And so I Jumped

the prettiest thing I've ever seen
die to know your favorite things
finally heard you say my name
I'm like a kid
in bliss

I'm a handful though I
love to see you smile knowing
maybe I will catch a glimpse
and trust me
all for you

I make mistakes
it's fine
if I'm for you
the place and time
will show itself
fully alive
I can't stop watching you

write about your
face forever
hide my pain 
I paint your feathers
watch you fly
and nothing could control 
you're something else

I'll find a way to sleep tonight
I always do
in bitter spite
but lovely
I could never dream a dream
as all as you
Organic Thoughts


it comes in waves
day to day
sharpened pain that you can
every moment failing at the conjure of
I cannot do, but only stare 
blankly at the 
backs of eyes
flaring doesn't touch the moment
feeling I could gladly die

and yet
I'm here


in stillness

except for the 
tapping of toes
if only you could feel it
you'd tear your hair
and break your nose

or I suppose
you'd love it
you were always into

stupid shit