Organic Thoughts

Just a Joke

you around?
I'm only asking why these clouds
have settled down.

inside an autumn colored ottoman 
a collared twin is hiding
finding more alive and dying
for a second before my arrival
static off the ceiling leaving 
something I cannot believe in
seething I could dig below the earth 
and burn inside a feeling
breathing beaming dew drops
my heart stopped
restarted awful timing 
let me sleep for
just awhile 
or forever
I'm not counting 
Organic Thoughts

Hearing Heartbeats

captive passion
having fun yet
last infraction 
go and find it
stabbing in my eardrum 

I'm last in line
confess infection
posting something teeming
with bitterness and screaming 

is it right to run away
from bear traps and mouse pads
recounting the moments
I didn't do enough
remember in glimpses
you never earned my love

is up and down 
the north to south
it's hard to tell 
under the stairs and stars
alarms in the sky 
remind me
I'm trying

I'd rather find it
dead than dying
Organic Thoughts

Got Me

get a grip, you're slipping slowly
seeing seasons changing boldly
moving onto moving upwards
falling down the stairwell backwards 
laughing after every step
stopping just to catch my breath
smoke a cigarette
back into the fleeting sense of past

smacking wavelengths and serpants
I'm nervous on purpose
a person 
I'm working

don't bother me

I search inside the opening 
see a place you used to sit and find myself

sitting in it
Organic Thoughts

Breaking Stuff

something in the air tonight
combines with what I thought I want
as painting up a pretty song
a simple rhyme
I tried to hold
I hate to know 
I hate you now
accepting that the earth is round
deciding if my mind is sound 
it doesn't matter
slam to ground

have you ever tasted grace
it paints my world 
it cannot change
but I can
whether I want
or don't
I scream inside my car 
and with a grudge to hold
go out to dinner
lying corpse

chaos meets with peace in vain as tranquil minds begin to fade arranging lines of leaving here I wake into a sphere of tears and stop crying long time ago I've felt this pain so long before I met you prepped in messes that I'm leaving where I make my bed I hope that you believe me that I'm trying but I'm not I know that I'm not what you want but I'm sure that someone else does
good riddance
so long

you're gone
Organic Thoughts


pay the piper 
watch him whistle
get to cover
forgot to miss you
stay right there
I'll be right back
I got you flowers
who is that
that is who
I am not
not am I
who you want
coloring in and out of lines
find a diamond
pretend it's mine
bury the sentiment
hide the crime
start at the end
forget to smile
chill instils a stark response
freeze in time
melt to dust

Organic Thoughts


sudden ample apathy
ramble backwards
the last word
losing calculations 
out in open
as chosen 
by no one
with any sense
porcelain proclaiming
something I would like to uninvent
marshy cove of crickets 
blistering decisions
fishes hissing at the lion
chopping onions in the kitchen
mixed a little bit of luck 
with a bunch of other stuff
that I found inside the shed
surely keeping
feelings fed