Organic Thoughts


stunned puppets 
distant lovers
finding something
holding onto
bare breaking 
quenching mention

could it be so timely 
I'm alive inside your smile
run along this distant mile finding
tumbleweeds and something other
ruffling my favorite spaces
just enough to part my hairline 
and the tips of everything
surprisingly divine

to encapsulate a feeling in a capsule
I miss you
I've never even met you
I'd live for you tonight 

fighting nonsense 
that's turning into nothing that I know of
I would pay in everything 
I've ever had
to feel you sleeping soundly 

digging in the beach sand
I made a tunnel
falling for the weekend weather 
maybe I'll sleep in a little

tapering the shifting dirt, I found a fairy
singing something sweeter 
than I've ever known
the moment that I knew that I had
finally found you
Organic Thoughts

Say Anything

Did you know that lights flickering isn't by
Have I ever told you that 
I know that
you're my saving grace?
Let's just sit here 
basking in the nervousness.
Still, I steal a little glimpse of you 
and think I might be simply 
sleeping, dreaming.
Breath taking turns, 
you can have it all.
I'll be the guy that's holding onto 
a floating door
so that you make it home.
Sing to you a song, 
I'm drenched, 
standing in the rain.
I'll hold up speakers 
write you letters
just to know that you're okay.
In this,
I'm sneaking into gardens
finding flower fields.
Paint dries slower 
when there's nobody
to share in staring.

The only thing I think of
between missing notes and losing time
is what it feels to feel like 
when I feel your hand 
fall into mine.
Organic Thoughts

Never Seen

two birds in two cages, chirping back and forth
split seconds splitting semblances
memorize your favorite things
the way this chair is yelling at my body makes me
awfully squirmy 
effervescent elegy
elated exit purgatory 
penny wise and foolish 
pounding headache 
always applesauce
ravens are monogamous 
such a catch
floating with a buttercup
feverishly falling up
sank inside a hunch because I felt the depth was actual
and actually
I think I hear you thinking 
so I'm climbing into space to float a little closer 
to the sun 
better reception
an image finally conjuring 
something that I know, but I cannot believe 
I've never seen
Organic Thoughts


feeling feelings frothing fast
a puppy sleeping on a pillow
Saturn crashing into Venus 
I can see it from the basement
staring surely sounds stupendous 
making bubbles in a bathtub
teetering in frostbite
I decide
describing mindful vomit
as the barking in my brain arranges 
animals in cookies
whether worn footed, where the hell is
heaven hasn't heard 
have I ever told you of the time I died a little bit
sore flying 
making time kaleidoscope of light
selling seashells and seashores
I'd love to stay here for a while 
foretold in sea scrolls, I swear to God
I know I know you
binary backwards basically becomes 
a one and
Organic Thoughts

Emerald Everything

do you feel that feeling?
undone and overwhelmed, let the be keep breathing
fucking going crazy 
but I know more
red shoes and constellations 
you sit inside the center
and those little smirks
stammer in your fears, I've fought them for
set orbit for anything the computer doesn't
falling into flooring,
on fire, missing chutes
staring at the wiring of 
leave a little breaking light so I can look at
everyday feels like never being
moments of routine screaming,
how suitable for a frame in flames
don't ever let go of this masquerade of living 
never better than seeing something shining from
the darkest corners 
don't you dare worry
I could fall flat on my face
my dirty crow would always caw your way
and I plan on it

emerald everything 
Organic Thoughts

Glowing Evergreen

the thought of saying enough while still coherent 
as ash falls like snowflakes 
we all fall down
the ground is so cold this time of year
riddled with nonsense
instructions unclear
and so I dilly-dally in-between the is and isn't 
what hasn't bloomed yet
and the sound of serenity
distance is a hound of time
cars in the distance speeding to
nowhere of any importance 
it's never been the journey that irks me
just the empty passenger seat

play me a song
Organic Thoughts, Uncategorized


in a dampened corridor, 
candle flicked dancers ravage the walls
is it as far as it seems from here?
doorways waiting, but forgive me
I don't like bait
there's something else
floating in the distance 
guarded with a mission
how intriguing
is this instance 
fighting tooth and nail
bare boned, I lunge into curiosity 
dangerous only in the mystery of
finding a golden sight
as my flesh tears
I find something softer than fortune
a speckle of solitude frolicking by
in exuberance I follow,
like a moth towards flame 

Organic Thoughts


marveling marble of statuesque sentiment
startled in pardon, illustrious elements
revel in randomly finding occasions
asleep at the wheel, but I trust
who's been driving
in blissfully simple is something so mystic
arriving in time to be late
to my incidence 
sifting through pages of witnesses 
of if it is 
if it is of
well is it?
to hesitate hastily
scaring my demons
I'm losing at chess, but I think I see openings
broken in
soles of my soul 
sleep in waking 
a smiling in slumber
of hope to amalgamate 
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Sounds About Right

dead men tell no tales,
or so I've heard. 
I can barely keep my head up,
interspersing every stir.
Merry Christmas,
yulelogs and whatnot,
shining in the rain of potshots,
neighbors laugh at 
every word,
or so I've heard.
don't you feel the weight dropping mindlessly?
as if moments were better spent holding onto
salvation squaring up in illustration,
beautifully turned.
I hear seagulls laughing at my spent pretzel,
how absurd.
Take it.
You've got more use than me,
spoiling something surely.
You gonna finish that?

Hairs stand up and wait for another breeze.
Shell-shocked and adjacent to flapping inside
of a zoom call.
Taking turns.
Whether I ever knew it,
you've made this something more 
Call me surprised,
I concur.
Organic Thoughts, Uncategorized

Coal Mining Canary

Briefly, I caught a firefly slipping.
Arranging aimlesslesly,
I throw everything
hoping that something sticks.
Whole is everything I've never weathered.
Life is like swimming up the river backwards,
as if I've know it all along.
A seismic episode, 
how beautifully chaotic,
trading barbs for letting down my guard.
It's that pit in your stomach that yearns for 
Color my confusion,
and fill in my gaps.
A core spinning circles in the atmosphere,
what a brilliant light it throws,
letting down hair,
rarely have I ever felt
so composed.