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Sounds About Right

dead men tell no tales,
or so I've heard. 
I can barely keep my head up,
interspersing every stir.
Merry Christmas,
yulelogs and whatnot,
shining in the rain of potshots,
neighbors laugh at 
every word,
or so I've heard.
don't you feel the weight dropping mindlessly?
as if moments were better spent holding onto
salvation squaring up in illustration,
beautifully turned.
I hear seagulls laughing at my spent pretzel,
how absurd.
Take it.
You've got more use than me,
spoiling something surely.
You gonna finish that?

Hairs stand up and wait for another breeze.
Shell-shocked and adjacent to flapping inside
of a zoom call.
Taking turns.
Whether I ever knew it,
you've made this something more 
Call me surprised,
I concur.

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