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the ever in never letting go

as the fog rolled in
I briefly lost the firelight flickering
dissecting the hours as if time never existed
I hear peacekeeping birdsong
radiating in the moments 
where the sound of wind intends to maim

this clock keeps staring at my anxious eyes
"the fuck you looking at?"

nowhere and everywhere
my mind is finding ways 
to pull coins out of my ears 
everything will be just fine

in finding neurotic compulsion
I'm determined
for palpation and exorcism
eager to steer me homeward

the biggest difference between
peaking over the side of a cloud
and falling in-between
is how you see the stars 
while losing conciosuness
Composed Thoughts, Uncategorized


kissing missing mistletoe
narcissus the daffodil
rumble stomach
action hero
play pretend intently

watch the credits
extra ending
daring devils dangerously
rotting in this spot forever
mossy furniture

nowhere going
slowly speeding
take a pill and drink some whiskey
blame these hands for something
in exploring on the moon

seeking knowledge
ghostly silence
crawling body
barely made it
back into the bedroom
medicated hibernation

save a spider
walls conversing
drowning in a cup of coffee
groggy shower
losing power
 bathing in the dark

simple mathematics
loving every little mannerism
dabbled in the undiscovered
falling back to earth
Composed Thoughts


a sour stone 
wrote a note 
of artichoke and
artful choking
pulley taunt 
flying logic
falling fallen
Moses mosied 
sea of red
fishes splitting borders
in a wonderment 
through blurry figures
his hand against the current
in indulging of a miracle
he surely smiled
walk a foot
to run a mile
sitting seconds 
lay forever
never better
fucking severed
saying prayers before I slumber
branches of your semblance
missing me
the whole way down
I watch my pillow turn into a cloud
and nowhere can I
find you found out
nothing flutters faster if you
paint it pretty colors
taking cover under undercover
laughing off
this headache
as I'm floating
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Gary Cooper

sinking isn't faster if you contemplate it

a sucker for solitude and deja vu
I think I've heard this song before

patiently waiting in pacing around my world
or just a hallway closing all the doors
to block out every window
don't fucking look at me

I guess
I don't really know anything
as the gears grind inside my bone structure
who's controlling this machine

too many to remember
remember too many to
staring at the wall because I'm waiting for
and emojis

a face to face a
comet rocketing into dark matter
have you ever
mentioned anything about
silent movies

you're my favorite one
I'd die to hear your
Composed Thoughts, Uncategorized

good morning beautiful

a swallow gliding 
giddy inside of a net
as senses intercept every intersect
of fabric finding a way 
to make a statement

digital wish inscriptions
I can almost feel
my fingers finding places
that they belong to the most

falling asleep with my bed sheets undone
synapses flashing
your legs dialing the number
to the center of my soul

is it ever easy
putting puzzle pieces
in sequence and out of time
do you happen to know the
about around
around about
moment we combine

don't ever stop connecting
when there's network problems
see you in the deep end
splashing puddles underwater

as long as longing goes
as full as empty shows
I miss you more than ever
good morning beautiful

Composed Thoughts, Uncategorized


do you pray
to something crying 
at their existential monitor
watching the world burn to ashes
or do you soak inside experience
as they scream at us
for melting the ice caps 
as fast as we can

alone is human crafted
we cannot see what feels
as raindrops do 
before smacking the pavement

that electric wave of premonition
culling your insides and leaving only
the strongest forms to falter 

surrounded by surefire signs
of a bountiful grace parading
in timely green lights
and bad people crashing their cars
karma is fickle

I love the way
that your voice bounces
off of the windshield
and into my eardrums

a pretty ring turning your finger green
coating my minutes with seconds spent
admiring the way
you glow in the dark
Composed Thoughts, Uncategorized

Deep Sea Flying

introspective in air scents
melancholy breezes batter my thoughts
as hope manifests differently
sugar-enriched wafting

in thinking of you
they could find me frozen
to death
with a smile
holding my phone

the difference between
staring at the ceiling
unable to sleep
and laying under the covers
dreaming of atoms crashing into eachother
is like counting the digits in pi
until you're blue in the face

the spring warmth
of morning's glory
must taste like staring at you
in lavender Converse

shark cage diving
as a manner of observation
calculating tides to find the way to finally
sail my ship
on course
to a place where I shed my shield
and tell you about my shitty day

the way to make gray
is by mixing black and white

your color is unlabeled
I'll play with it all night
Composed Thoughts


the holy side of Sunday doesn't permeate
in pews and gospel
it shines through the sinking feeling
of standing on the precipice of before and after
a slow burning cloak of anxiety
amen and a Hail Mary

in your midst
I'd eat my weekly ends like ice cream
no chewing
let's get back in bed and warm the walls
waves of heat rising from our asphalt blanket

as you plunge filth from the sink
I'm cheering from the nosebleeds
my plumber in pajamas
wearing it oh-so well

take thirty-three
too long spilling out words 
over the limit love letters
distressed damsel microphone 

the sun will find us one day
wrapped in a ribbon of obsessed endearment
where every syllable comes with 
a side of sweet breath and curious hands
would you like some fries with that?
Composed Thoughts

too much is never enough

as messy as
a diamond still encrusted
lining the quarry with potential

can I please fill my hallway with your essence
and every other room for that matter

as clever as
peanut butter loving jelly
sticking to the roof of my mouth

can the waves of everything cease crashing
and the sudden jolt I feel when I awake

as weathered as
too many years to remember
piling in a messy disarray on the floor

can I could I can
could I can I could

pickled peppers picking 
picking peppers pickled

she sells seashells by the seashore
so I bought every single one
and hung them on my walls
Composed Thoughts


they caught us kissing
below the bleachers of life
while a game was played above that means
nothing of any importance

the gradient shadow of light twisting from
black to gold
thaws leaves frozen months ago
as I pace the backyard
letting my mind go free

would you like to share a cigarette?

have my coat while we're at it
and my heart and soul
and every inch of my frame

staring at this beautiful painting
my eyes ingest the brush strokes
lashes across canvas
feeling for where your portrait meets mine

the sweetest whiskey tickles my tongue
dry white wine is only for eating carp
a deep red sitting in my stomach
growling for some water

alone in body
you're atmosphere