Composed Thoughts

Bodies in the Closet

indulging in tempo
an angel arranging my static to picture
I miss you
checking off my wish list
tell me that I'm different
tell me that I'm everything that you have never seen

I'm tearing at the seams it seems
and I just wish to be holding you
only complete in the feeling of finding out
more than I thought I would
stronger than everything
breathing to bleed


moments are fucking me up

not waking up to you
sleeping right beside me

light in the darkness
the purpose of searching
avoiding the villains
and finding your smile


sweet like the sugar in a cookie

softer than solace
I live for your everything
bent neck
staring at my paycheck
wonder where the time went
I'm losing my mind
you make me feel like I'm a fallen star

falling forever for wherever you are

you make me feel like I'm a fallen star

and I'm falling

so hard
a wounded gorilla
climbing and bleeding out
top of a tower

one man causing all the bloodshed
pondering his purpose in life
as he's shooting his bullets


finding a safe space
to go make you breakfast
and watch as you eat it
a restless agreement
to live in experience
follow you through every quantum arrangement
face red
blushing from the Malbec
tell me a story
but don't say the ending
I'm sounding the siren
I found you dividing
the moment between
where you saw me and timelessness
honest as honest is
honestly, common sense
daring my darling to paint me a pretty scene
this is the value of finally finding you

now that I'm feeling it

never the same

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