Organic Thoughts

Star Shot

when the blended lenses befriended Heaven 
look at that smile, isn't she something 
three stories up and only two ways down
slowly lowering or falling face first to the ground
what a dance

don't drop your phone Los
you'll never get it back

I keep mine tight to my thigh
so I can feel You vibrating 
like sizzling the smog around my face
every moment pumping blood through these 
veins of sorrow
or at least they have been


someone is knocking on my front door

I hope it's not the cops, or the neighbors

who knows

this halo is hanging heavily inside of me
an angel of promise
I hope we can fall asleep
at least for your sake 
sweetest thing
I'll make you cookies
and sing to you
if I ever get the chance

dissected completely

it's the moments between moments 
that I find anxiety flowing 
too much thought and not enough action

I hate how the time flies

this rollercoaster
fucking sucks

safe spaces are meant for safe places
I found one 
a million miles away
sounds about right

and yet

when I see your face
I frolic
like a kid in a candy store
I'm stealing all of the money
and buying bologna

sorrow filled inside of a canister of violent timing
half of it is spent on cigarettes and wine

I've never minded it

but in you

I see scarlet letters vanishing thoroughly
through both of our eyelids
I just want to feel you breathe
I would die for your everything
or just enough to see you smiling
when you least expect it
how perfect

I sense something so much more
than I've ever known
but in traipsing our ladders
we burst at the seams
and in these sequences 
I feel your deepest deeply

as unspoken as nonsense is
taste every syllable screaming through 
white noise
hold on, I promise
you're everything

I'm just a bushel of 


see me

what a dope...

...I miss you completely

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