Composed Thoughts


everlasting buttercup
never have I ever seen a sweeter
little heaven
in a bitty bit of loveliness

took me as far in the rapids as
barking at the moon means everything
to every wolf

crying showers

watching as you spit up
every ounce of fluid 
from the little lung 
you've used to be
all above amazing

leaving rooms 
that I don't know
nothing 'bout

always happy knowing 
I was coming home to you

Mona Lisa

sweet baby
orange laced

love the way
that you look at me like I was always

they told me nothing about
box cutter endings
where the page starts tearing
right where 
you were still reading

cliffhanger dreaming

hoping I can see you when the rain stops
drenching all the things
that I love

found you waiting on the sidewalk
knowing I was showing up

only thing I want
is one more chance
to hold you in my arms 
Composed Thoughts

pins and needles

stone heart
made a mess
of the restart

found a drop of perfect
permeating thoughts

soul spacing

hope you keep the bodies
hanging in your closet

like the way
you make me feel 
like I'm not fuckin' crazy

read woke
too sleepy

edge staring
at the sea
if I'm meant to be there 

sorrow froth
it seems 

every spot
that I ever put my keys

leaves my mind
when I decide to finally sneeze

bee swarm

sunflower subtlety 

feel your fingers on my back
throughout my favorite seasons
Composed Thoughts

my sweetest friend

the missteps
timing themselves 
just right 
before the cracks 
in the cliffside
where we fall forever
without the clumsy trip

a December baby and making
cold nights special

the spot on my bed 
where you should be
next to me
is devoid of your imprint
and the way we'd mix 
into mine

creating one beautiful blueprint
of forgetting where
and when
we are

melted into your breath 
against my chest
and feeling your heartbeat 
slow down

as does mine

in moments where nothing matters
besides holding you
so tightly
and letting my alarm blare
longer than
it wants to be

I can almost feel 
how slowly 
I'd trace my fingertips 
across your skin
while you nestle closer
into all that I have left
as you show me
Composed Thoughts

seeing a star

the eyesore that you
can't not 
look at

race track culmination
where I started from

for the legendary
out of purgatory

one last message from 
the soul 
gifted failure

"Don't fuck it up."

I'm not trying to
old man

let me do 
how you

finding where the exit is

or is it the entrance?

you break a few eggs before
that one little shell
hatches out a miracle 

I'll keep you warm 
inside my arms
and feed you anything 
that makes you
sound that sound
when you're delighted enough
to take a nap with me
for a little while longer 
Composed Thoughts


giving you the blues
and a rapture of red
I stand in-between is and isn't
missing key notes and learning to
shut the hell up
when I've nothing to say

but of something 
I speak 

spoiling the mood
precisely when I do

overtly piercing timing

I favor life better
when the sky is gold

when the rain clouds don't fuck with me
except when expected 

I seem to invite them in
the worst possible moments
Composed Thoughts

lost in the woods

breaking bits of synopsis
eradicate my quest to find a sentence
that punctuates the screaming river
begging me to

short bursts of squirming
manifest into 
how cold it is
to smoke a cigarette

the wisest have always said
something that I always forget

as wild as 
a stallion stuck
neighing in the barn

I will sit 
in my corner
and count the locks of hair 
that I've lost

waiting for your lantern
and a little bit of food

I can feel 
your fingertips
burning down the forest 
Composed Thoughts



judging curmudgeon
delivering something

rowing in bevels 
that pay for the nothing

sign stoked
brain broke
stain show

laugh about it

breeze block
steam stopped
leaves drop

chill for a second

I've met all the fake
in the face
of a 'Dear John' letter
in my breakfast 

hallowed the hollow
before the bereavement

dying in sorrow 
and singing a sonnet 

daring the best to be
better at small talk

fact of the weather:

it's always fuckin' terrible

backdoor to the third floor
as aware as a condor
in a cop car
with the windows open

payment is reverent 
don't fuck with my
I can't wait
until the window
Composed Thoughts, Organic Thoughts

as you wish

a dark crescent moon
hiding its face from the photographs
answering questions
deep inside the labyrinth
paying back
cowboy shit
shooting first
never looking over at the history 
I splattered on the porches of saloons

the best cheat at poker
and broad daylight robberies

make a song about it
and bathe in the riches

just kidding

I suffer well
better wear my safety vest

keeping still
and writhing with cement shoes
in bubble baths

counting down the seconds to peace
inside your fragrance
I'll spend the moments waiting with
a dream deriving you

started off
with something wrong
ended up 
with bubblegum

the waiting of my sweetness
at the cottage on the hill
Composed Thoughts, Organic Thoughts, Uncategorized

the feel

endurance encapsulate
someone put a quarter in me

wrapping up

presenting presence 
present's present 

"Somethings not 
quite right,"

smiling at my coffee, 
and small talk,
and what the fuck

chalk it up to bad luck,
or good enough,
if it suits your predisposition

clinging to the side of the boat
as you throw 
of paper
at me

I think I know
the feel

like you stepped in shit 
and everyone smelled you,
or you forgot to zip up your pants 
and nobody told you

I didn't mind it for a second
I remember every bit of not being

what a crime
lock me up

symbolically synchronous 
Composed Thoughts

never let go

a depressed celestial primate spinning 
in and out of bounds
I recollect nothing from my time underground
half-heartedly half awake
having panic attacks at the sunshine 
barely breaking through the curtains
I never realized that I'd find a rose
growing in the mushroom patch

I think about what outfit you'd choose 
as we stare at eachother
enflamed in amazement

let me bundle you in the tattered fray
of my love
tell me everything's okay
be my map to the edge of it all
as we explore the void
and paint it pretty colors

you'll never be a memory
only the present present's presence
beaming of your hair 
and the ways that you wear it

I'm terrified to be anything
if my everything
isn't you