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stumbling sideways subtly
bubbly brains boast
maskless motivation 

landlock listlessness losing
to twilight twisters tailspinning
however high Heaven hovers

utterly unknowing upside
down dragging dream darling
caught ceiling crawling

occular octopus obsession 
as amazing as 
perfectly placed planets

embracing everything exquisitely
flowers flipped faraway fragrances
into imagination inventions 

we wonder
Composed Thoughts

Bodies in the Closet

indulging in tempo
an angel arranging my static to picture
I miss you
checking off my wish list
tell me that I'm different
tell me that I'm everything that you have never seen

I'm tearing at the seams it seems
and I just wish to be holding you
only complete in the feeling of finding out
more than I thought I would
stronger than everything
breathing to bleed


moments are fucking me up

not waking up to you
sleeping right beside me

light in the darkness
the purpose of searching
avoiding the villains
and finding your smile


sweet like the sugar in a cookie

softer than solace
I live for your everything
bent neck
staring at my paycheck
wonder where the time went
I'm losing my mind
you make me feel like I'm a fallen star

falling forever for wherever you are

you make me feel like I'm a fallen star

and I'm falling

so hard
a wounded gorilla
climbing and bleeding out
top of a tower

one man causing all the bloodshed
pondering his purpose in life
as he's shooting his bullets


finding a safe space
to go make you breakfast
and watch as you eat it
a restless agreement
to live in experience
follow you through every quantum arrangement
face red
blushing from the Malbec
tell me a story
but don't say the ending
I'm sounding the siren
I found you dividing
the moment between
where you saw me and timelessness
honest as honest is
honestly, common sense
daring my darling to paint me a pretty scene
this is the value of finally finding you

now that I'm feeling it

never the same
Composed Thoughts


grain acts like quicksand
if you fall into it
high voltage likes to hold onto your hand
if you let it
or by accident 
can't hang from your harness for too long
venous pooling, circulatory shock 
crosswalks and stop signs 
Murphy's Law

I found myself dangling from a cloud
fingertips holding tight to frozen crystals
I wonder what the weather's like up in Heaven
sunbeams break through the coverage 
a princess in a lighthouse singing
the brightest shine

excuse me, have we met?
you feel so familiar
Composed Thoughts

A Lapse in Terror

this has become a habit
spewing words at night to pass the time
or something other
call it cathartic 
It's so damn cold standing in the snow
shaking from head to toe
footprints of a baby fox 
flying by
that one kid yelling at everyone 
in the frost
but the bite is electrifying 
call it masochistic
a little bit of pain seems to make the
chemicals inside lose their mind
or maybe it's just this fucking cigarette
and I'm painting it otherwise
perfectly fine
let me tell you a tale of the boy who
bit his tongue
and found someone to stich it up
tell him everything is okay
how I miss them so
toiling as I stand on the strangest staircase
I find this handrail awfully delightful
but I can't drive this thing
at least I get to tell you about it
Composed Thoughts


as best as best gets
wondering if water into wine is a metaphor
breathing molecules that only mean as much 
as you've become
counting every line for time stamps
fifty pictures in fifty seconds
I hope you like one of them

my canoe is so holy
filling with a final sense of finally floating
bolstering a buoyancy
relieving me of choking

I know that you feel the feverish pitch 
of atoms around us 
delighted in
solving the equation
they found it
their favorite 
thank God for that
and then some
designed to find your smile
nothing otherwise 
Composed Thoughts

Absolutely Everything

I felt for you in the dead of night
delirious in my dreamlike state 
of unconscious consciousness 
your fingertips are so close
daring darling
sweetheart reach
please keep reaching

I found my way out of bed
fucking tired
and without 
my only
still inspired
every speed bump and pothole smacks
wake up, she's been looking for you
I'm right here
 broken and weathered 
you see something other

from the moment that you appeared 
as I'm standing in the shadows 
breaking shit
these walls mean nothing to me
without your breath painting my atmosphere 
I'm half of a whole

soul mates
my only calling
tempered in the fire
perfect timing
extra rare
pear trees, tickled pink
absolutely everything

Composed Thoughts, Uncategorized


ever better 
never severed 
tell me secrets 
send me letters 
brittle fetter 
shrunken head or brain spasm 
burning bread
loving you is easy
breezy weather
feeling chilly
ending reasoning 

glitchy code is flowing from my screen
I'm hallucinating
take me to my only
I can feel her beating

heart stopping
I would die for everything of you
and then some
standing in the river as I'm
dunked inside the sweetest sight 

last chance doesn't matter
fact of finding never weathered
beaten down and giving up
I won
give me life
give me
Composed Thoughts


I found a supernova
like the logic behind the curtain 
bright lights, sitting in my car and watching 
every smile and smirk
I'm delirious
driving fifty fast and holding my speaker 
as close as I can
to hear every syllable spinning 
through my cranium
what a blast

these nights are shaping mornings
every season, warmer when you
hold my head in the palm of your hand 
I'll bask in your presence 
radiance beyond

it seems like people like me more
since I fell in love with you
call it my demeanor
in a clearing of sunflower fountains 
everything you do
and are

long trip
times I've known I almost quit
staring at the belt loops 
if I could really do it
but I held on
years of sinking
toiling in madness
every shooting star was pointing 
to your semblance in my sentence

frost breath
grabbing every grass tip
lacking in a vision
until I found my angel
fucking brilliant 

salt water streaming through my bled veins 
drowning in the ocean
mouth is open
fill my lungs
the sweetest thing
Composed Thoughts

Birds in the Building

started off with a plot
wrote it in a sonnet
once upon a time
I even knew where it was going
a notion 
of knowing no more potion
exploding expulsions 
requiring compulsion for the
summer solstice

so I believe this disguised it's own wiring
smiling with an honesty 
and something else becoming 
unplugging to nothingness 
caught up in the timing
alive with only feelings
what I'm finding out is lying

to them and to theirs 
good day and goodbye
get out of my head 
I'm out of my mind
Composed Thoughts

a Praise

to smithereens 
my wither bleeds
I'm skipping in between
the every other scene 
I'm fading in
I'm finding friends
I'm knowing that I'm worth more
than you probably want
Let's call it out 
I'm singled out
but loving every minute
You won't here me shout
I know that the fire only starts if you pick up something heavy and then throw it at a rock
will I stop
I can't see it
I'm loving every reason
the colder that the season peaks
the more that I believe it
It's awful that you're awkward in apologizing maybe if you wanted something more you'd find some kind of time
I'll find it
Out here scared bare 
I like to drag it on because I know you really
don't care