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Revelation 6

Under a sun-drenched palm, tally marks carved deep into its core, four horseman sit stranded. 

A black horse stands beside a pooling of grass. Inside, Famine weighs each blade against each other with his scale. He can't seem to come to a logical conclusion.

"Should the flourishing sections of growth mean any more than the dried up spots where the sun doesn't shine?"

Crouched down, and consumed in thought, a thudding echo shakes the green and tan strands, fluttering them from his fingertips.

Snarling in the shadows, excited hooves under fiery red crackling hair, stomp the ground. Aside his steed, War squares his stance, facing the earth, to punch his way through the sand.

"I will make you feel this. I do not deserve this purgatory."

Enraged, he slams his fist into the shifting soil, creating a crater that stretches a mile wide, and yet, in an instant it envelops back to where it was, the place where his longest knuckle met the first particle of sand.

He smiles as sweat beads down his brow,

"You bastard, I'll make you remember me."

He continues to pound his soul into the surface, feeling his strength diminish, watching the earth explode, only to be returned to its softest point, as if he'd never fed it in the first place. 

Approaching on the shoreline, growths of vegetation begin withering away in an instant wave. A colorful array shrunken to gray as if the leaving in life had washed over them. 

Walking alongside his pale mare, with Hades dragging his feet and hanging his head in follow, Death walks the perimeter of the island, from day to night. The vibrant landscape erases just enough in the distance for him to see a horizon of bountiful bliss, but never close enough for him to gain focus as his presence saps life from all.

He chooses to stare at the sand.

As he reaches his tortured brethren, a light emerges through the foliage that encompasses and encases the island's center.

Upon his horse, The White Rider, black droplets of oil dripping from his crown, engulfs his trail with flame and seedlings.
Approaching in the wake of his conquests, he towers over his fellow figures.

He stutters,

"It is time."

Organic Thoughts

Star Shot

when the blended lenses befriended Heaven 
look at that smile, isn't she something 
three stories up and only two ways down
slowly lowering or falling face first to the ground
what a dance

don't drop your phone Los
you'll never get it back

I keep mine tight to my thigh
so I can feel You vibrating 
like sizzling the smog around my face
every moment pumping blood through these 
veins of sorrow
or at least they have been


someone is knocking on my front door

I hope it's not the cops, or the neighbors

who knows

this halo is hanging heavily inside of me
an angel of promise
I hope we can fall asleep
at least for your sake 
sweetest thing
I'll make you cookies
and sing to you
if I ever get the chance

dissected completely

it's the moments between moments 
that I find anxiety flowing 
too much thought and not enough action

I hate how the time flies

this rollercoaster
fucking sucks

safe spaces are meant for safe places
I found one 
a million miles away
sounds about right

and yet

when I see your face
I frolic
like a kid in a candy store
I'm stealing all of the money
and buying bologna

sorrow filled inside of a canister of violent timing
half of it is spent on cigarettes and wine

I've never minded it

but in you

I see scarlet letters vanishing thoroughly
through both of our eyelids
I just want to feel you breathe
I would die for your everything
or just enough to see you smiling
when you least expect it
how perfect

I sense something so much more
than I've ever known
but in traipsing our ladders
we burst at the seams
and in these sequences 
I feel your deepest deeply

as unspoken as nonsense is
taste every syllable screaming through 
white noise
hold on, I promise
you're everything

I'm just a bushel of 


see me

what a dope...

...I miss you completely
Organic Thoughts

Gracious Gravity

The Goddess 
melting in your giggle
blue eyed transdimensional
no signs of tidal ripping
floating in your ocean
white noise and symphonies 
your face resting on my cheek 
you can pet my darkest demons
don't worry they don't bite
not you anyway

I close my eyes to think of you
thinking of me
standing at the station
freezing limbs shaking me to the core 
I'll meet you at the center of the earth
gracious gravity
home sweet home
Organic Thoughts

Staring: On and On

kiss me through the telephone
bracing for the heartbeat
folklore fairytale
God was smiling when he thought you up

every shredded piece of past
I don't even remember where they've landed
this tarantula manifests all of my attention
in a pretty pink sweater and blue-gray brilliance

candy flavored oxygen

wild horses running down powerlines 
fireworks igniting

sleeping streambed
a calm ripple
lacing every soundwave

legend has it
there's an emerald 
under the undercurrent 
I think I've found it

Organic Thoughts

Permanently Elevating

sitting in the door frame, legs laid out
I humbly subscribe to whatever you are
moss doesn't grow on a rolling stone
unless that stone's been rolling 
for far too long
unquivering arrows
cue the rain clouds
something that makes being drenched feel
I'll open my windows

special kind of hell
not sleeping beside you 
opening the cupboard looking
for a little piece of food
finding truth

star-crossed falling into atmosphere 
hair wet
spending time deciphering the
Mona Lisa
air vents 
spilling out with nothing that I want to 
breathe in
only thing I'm craving is the angel 
fighting off my demons

ever as in ever was
I think I might be dead
you're only actually my savior bringing me
right home to Heaven
spending every moment feeling you in premonition 
sinking in the river
now I'm finally floating 
pacified perfection 

take it all
I'm happy 
cut me up to pieces
I would drain from every finger tip
you can keep me breathing 

pardon me 
I'm tongue tied
flying for a reason 
now I found out where I'm going
permanently elevating 
Organic Thoughts


at the bottom of every bottled note wrote
sincerely yours
surely smitten
chasing down those bright streams hanging from
brake lights and overpasses 
mainly I'm spending time thinking of 
nothing other than
that one star that always shows up 
only when you're not looking

spinning like a yo-yo
Juliet to Romeo
pass the poison please 
I hope to God that I can feel you smile

silken shades shudder 
undercover underneath 
don't stop talking 
I can hear you from my
thorny tower 

Heaven showed up sooner than I ever thought
you can be my quicksand
I'll smile as I'm going under
bird song
standing tall
tell me how you paint tomorrow
staring at the lines that guide the stems inside
a field of flowers

resting in compassion
I can finally breathe again
soapbox preaching 
that I've solved the riddle
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Happy New

I took a break from looking at scripture
just to ask a question 
is it normal to fly when you jump?
I'm not certain
but I'm certainly conspicuous 

seat down, face up
putting on a fucking mask
staring at a flaming smile falling

let's talk about it

last time I checked 
I was trying to find a
delighted desire
I'm sitting in silence
while laughing at moments
of driving in my car until I
feel a sense of you and I can barely stay
inside the lines

blissfully blind to just anything
but what's there to be seen except
of something above extraordinary 

It's that feeling
of going to get coffee after waking up 
and all that I can think of is a dream
but wait I think you might be

really here 
there's nothing other
I would give you
all the covers
started out in rainy days 
but finding out I'm
late to notice

everything I've wanted is that moment when your eyes are open
staring at a miracle that's clearly changed
Organic Thoughts


stunned puppets 
distant lovers
finding something
holding onto
bare breaking 
quenching mention

could it be so timely 
I'm alive inside your smile
run along this distant mile finding
tumbleweeds and something other
ruffling my favorite spaces
just enough to part my hairline 
and the tips of everything
surprisingly divine

to encapsulate a feeling in a capsule
I miss you
I've never even met you
I'd live for you tonight 

fighting nonsense 
that's turning into nothing that I know of
I would pay in everything 
I've ever had
to feel you sleeping soundly 

digging in the beach sand
I made a tunnel
falling for the weekend weather 
maybe I'll sleep in a little

tapering the shifting dirt, I found a fairy
singing something sweeter 
than I've ever known
the moment that I knew that I had
finally found you
Organic Thoughts

Say Anything

Did you know that lights flickering isn't by
Have I ever told you that I know that
you're my saving grace?
Let's just sit here basking in the nervousness.
Still, I steal a little glimpse of you and think I might be simply 
sleeping, dreaming.
Breath taking turns, waiting, you can have it all.
I'll be the guy that's holding on a floating door
so that you make it home.
Sing to you a song, I'm drenched, standing in the rain.
I'll hold up speakers, write you letters, just to know that you're okay.
In this,
I'm sneaking into gardens, finding flower fields.
Paint dries slower when there's nobody to 
share in staring.

The only thing I think of, between missing notes and losing time, is what it feels to feel like when I feel your hand fall into mine.