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on the corner of nothing
begging for something
I found a lot of 
clownfish and pomegranate

singing off

talk to no one 
ask a lot of
stupid questions
hoping to assimilate
and die happy

strange little dreams have me
pulling up my covers
for thirty minute moments
not to have to break my neck 
for hours

stone destiny
locked inside
of the mortuary
paying tolls The Thing that needs my endurance blindly all the little moments have derived a point of loneliness in knowing that I'm trapped inside a bubble of composure hoping write all you can to stave off the symptoms of binary stuck between the algorithm stuck between us
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sweat beads and a backpack of answers
weighing down
everything I try to compose
don't I feel stupid

playing for an audience
doesn't even listen?

maybe I'm ruthless
or hurting

give me all the money
put in the bag

trying to sleep 
thinking 'bout
how to get by

fuck time
and assimilé

I'm choking on the cornstarch
filling my rafters 
to the brink

see more
think less
feel that
which isn't
an is

waiting for 

speaking from my soul
I promise

you're giving it
all up
for chump change

I like when I
don't know
of everything
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holding life in a pretty little blanket
expecting death
when I least 
expect it

broken glass

talk to me 
like you know

because I don't

so sure
blind bet
cashing in on
old money

about something
nobody can pay for

the labor

stay strong
weak song

singing in the shower
where I can't stand

better crouch
for comfort
the hurt process breathing to being to leaving to hoping we never have to come back please I hate to beg honestly I'll probably be ending up
back in After asking to play again

eskimo kisses

sick of my bravery

bath mat heart attack
slipping on the glass 
broken in the kitchen

band-aid water main
bleeding from my middle finger
pumping out the blood 
that I don't 
care about

soulless surviving 
my soulmate
far away
dreaming of her pretty hair
and twitching in her dreams

locking up my locket 
with her picture
that I haven't found yet
when I do

I'll kiss it for good luck

sweet summer 
sitting under stars
with my
ever after

rubbing my thumb 
on the back
of her hand
as I shiver from
the cold air 
breezing through my
lost hair 
falling from the
stress laced 
palpating sleep

not a single word 
or even compound
could ever capture how my skin
is dying to meet yours

love me
sweet perfect
biting on
her lip and a smile
that I'll watch everyday

I'll bloom for your fragrance
exhume me from the morgue
tell me that it's all okay
I'm only meant for you
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Baby Bear

my phone is
stuck in my sweatpants
but vibrating

makes me know 
it's always there

the toiling 
every ending

or am I just
too trapped 

further than
the chains

I've nothing left to hide
I think they broke me open
long ago

my lungs are pumping

my heart is charged


I hate the world
and someone else
can smell what 
I can taste

I bet it's fucking awful

let me

I've got
something to say

don't you worry
letting down

I've licked the bottom
for sustenance

I know what nothing
tastes like

I'll never be
a victim but

I find it funny
when I'm clearly
not surviving

don't let me drown
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the feel

endurance encapsulate
someone put a quarter in me

wrapping up

presenting presence 
present's present 

"Somethings not 
quite right,"

smiling at my coffee, 
and small talk,
and what the fuck

chalk it up to bad luck,
or good enough,
if it suits your predisposition

clinging to the side of the boat
as you throw 
of paper
at me

I think I know
the feel

like you stepped in shit 
and everyone smelled you,
or you forgot to zip up your pants 
and nobody told you

I didn't mind it for a second
I remember every bit of not being

what a crime
lock me up

symbolically synchronous 
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just wasting time
cleaning out my closet
every body buried underneath
of everybody else

in the morning I check the shackle
fastened around my neck
for any further progress of the claw marks
I leave while I sleep

The little box that I keep my hope in is overflowing with uninhibited rage and an empty bottle of something
or other.

My carcass is no longer helping me move.
The whisper in my head,
breaking my heart and soul,
left a note on my nightstand,
"You're on your own."

I skipped the part with all of the explosions and knuckledusters
just to hear what song they'll play 
when the credits 

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Shocking a Stone

the voice in my head is getting annoying
blindfolded playing chess with checkers
in a roomful of who gives a fuck
laughing at every movement 

Do I deserve this?

I suppose I must've exploded something uninvited in another life, laying lifeless in the timeline where I spend mine.
I beat the shit out of inanimate objects sometimes.
I feel like I can finally see the broken bits of ever floating forever in never.
That old record always skips at the same spot, and I'm trying to correct it.

how quickly the quiet can die with a scream
desperately clinging to meanings of dreams
patiently waiting is leaving a lasting impression

wish I could wake up in peace
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laid to rest
ambivalent oblivious
pay the rent 
overcast ambigious 
peach autumn 
moon drawing
nothing in the air because
it's too fuckin' warm
better put a jacket on

matter of fact
light it up and blow me out
left around the time of dawn

never saw it coming

under green lights
the stop sign 
flutters on the overpass 

I thought I knew
I knew I thought

what the fuck is going on
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melodic magnificence
turbulating temper tantrum
softly staring somewhere

stained glass mortuary

soul crushing
hold on for another moment
take me to the highest rye
and let me run until I'm falling

catch me like an angel in a straight jacket
speeding over speed bumps
to get a little air
and feel the way the sky convulses

bone rattle
broken battle
rusty frame
holey pail

dragon chase
forgetting how the weekend tastes