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stumbling sideways subtly
bubbly brains boast
maskless motivation 

landlock listlessness losing
to twilight twisters tailspinning
however high Heaven hovers

utterly unknowing upside
down dragging dream darling
caught ceiling crawling

occular octopus obsession 
as amazing as 
perfectly placed planets

embracing everything exquisitely
flowers flipped faraway fragrances
into imagination inventions 

we wonder
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Revelation 6

Under a sun-drenched palm, tally marks carved deep into its core, four horseman sit stranded. 

A black horse stands beside a pooling of grass. Inside, Famine weighs each blade against each other with his scale. He can't seem to come to a logical conclusion.

"Should the flourishing sections of growth mean any more than the dried up spots where the sun doesn't shine?"

Crouched down, and consumed in thought, a thudding echo shakes the green and tan strands, fluttering them from his fingertips.

Snarling in the shadows, excited hooves under fiery red crackling hair, stomp the ground. Aside his steed, War squares his stance, facing the earth, to punch his way through the sand.

"I will make you feel this. I do not deserve this purgatory."

Enraged, he slams his fist into the shifting soil, creating a crater that stretches a mile wide, and yet, in an instant it envelops back to where it was, the place where his longest knuckle met the first particle of sand.

He smiles as sweat beads down his brow,

"You bastard, I'll make you remember me."

He continues to pound his soul into the surface, feeling his strength diminish, watching the earth explode, only to be returned to its softest point, as if he'd never fed it in the first place. 

Approaching on the shoreline, growths of vegetation begin withering away in an instant wave. A colorful array shrunken to gray as if the leaving in life had washed over them. 

Walking alongside his pale mare, with Hades dragging his feet and hanging his head in follow, Death walks the perimeter of the island, from day to night. The vibrant landscape erases just enough in the distance for him to see a horizon of bountiful bliss, but never close enough for him to gain focus as his presence saps life from all.

He chooses to stare at the sand.

As he reaches his tortured brethren, a light emerges through the foliage that encompasses and encases the island's center.

Upon his horse, The White Rider, black droplets of oil dripping from his crown, engulfs his trail with flame and seedlings.
Approaching in the wake of his conquests, he towers over his fellow figures.

He stutters,

"It is time."



path of ill logic
pass down the patience
stay for the silence
I'm leaving my wiring
to pale in the sunlight

as I confide in a moment of time

faltering frequently
open to only
the option of eruption
the stunningly something
stuck inside a mirror of my madness
I'm staring at

taking shots as a blessing to heart

I'm finding rhymes while I'm sitting in the dark

lonely is only as strong as you'll let it be
found me engraving semantics in pavement 
I bet it is
more than you bargained for
thorny barbs
stony roads
light in the corner
of every room
knowing is knowingly
knowing of nothing
exploring explosions 
unraveling timing


dare deeper down delicious decent

I'm finding out that I'm probably losing it

mining the future for
matters of mastering concisouness
Alice in Wonderland
Mad Hatter

back then when my back bent better than anything
pain is a game of endurance
in learning to learn less
take steps
falling for an angel
a potoo wearing aliens
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ever better 
never severed 
tell me secrets 
send me letters 
brittle fetter 
shrunken head or brain spasm 
burning bread
loving you is easy
breezy weather
feeling chilly
ending reasoning 

glitchy code is flowing from my screen
I'm hallucinating
take me to my only
I can feel her beating

heart stopping
I would die for everything of you
and then some
standing in the river as I'm
dunked inside the sweetest sight 

last chance doesn't matter
fact of finding never weathered
beaten down and giving up
I won
give me life
give me
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Happy New

I took a break from looking at scripture
just to ask a question 
is it normal to fly when you jump?
I'm not certain
but I'm certainly conspicuous 

seat down, face up
putting on a fucking mask
staring at a flaming smile falling

let's talk about it

last time I checked 
I was trying to find a
delighted desire
I'm sitting in silence
while laughing at moments
of driving in my car until I
feel a sense of you and I can barely stay
inside the lines

blissfully blind to just anything
but what's there to be seen except
of something above extraordinary 

It's that feeling
of going to get coffee after waking up 
and all that I can think of is a dream
but wait I think you might be

really here 
there's nothing other
I would give you
all the covers
started out in rainy days 
but finding out I'm
late to notice

everything I've wanted is that moment when your eyes are open
staring at a miracle that's clearly changed
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in a dampened corridor, 
candle flicked dancers ravage the walls
is it as far as it seems from here?
doorways waiting, but forgive me
I don't like bait
there's something else
floating in the distance 
guarded with a mission
how intriguing
is this instance 
fighting tooth and nail
bare boned, I lunge into curiosity 
dangerous only in the mystery of
finding a golden sight
as my flesh tears
I find something softer than fortune
a speckle of solitude frolicking by
in exuberance I follow,
like a moth towards flame 

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Sounds About Right

dead men tell no tales,
or so I've heard. 
I can barely keep my head up,
interspersing every stir.
Merry Christmas,
yulelogs and whatnot,
shining in the rain of potshots,
neighbors laugh at 
every word,
or so I've heard.
don't you feel the weight dropping mindlessly?
as if moments were better spent holding onto
salvation squaring up in illustration,
beautifully turned.
I hear seagulls laughing at my spent pretzel,
how absurd.
Take it.
You've got more use than me,
spoiling something surely.
You gonna finish that?

Hairs stand up and wait for another breeze.
Shell-shocked and adjacent to flapping inside
of a zoom call.
Taking turns.
Whether I ever knew it,
you've made this something more 
Call me surprised,
I concur.
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Coal Mining Canary

Briefly, I caught a firefly slipping.
Arranging aimlesslesly,
I throw everything
hoping that something sticks.
Whole is everything I've never weathered.
Life is like swimming up the river backwards,
as if I've know it all along.
A seismic episode, 
how beautifully chaotic,
trading barbs for letting down my guard.
It's that pit in your stomach that yearns for 
Color my confusion,
and fill in my gaps.
A core spinning circles in the atmosphere,
what a brilliant light it throws,
letting down hair,
rarely have I ever felt
so composed.

9 Lives

Between heart racing and static stasis,
I open a door painted 
something else.
The sounds of winter, whipping though the air
I found a sundial trying to find its timing,
how mindful.
Standing in line staring
at backs. Last chance of first chances,
Skipping rocks and throwing one that goes
on forever. Whether wishbones snap just right,
fortune cookie fascinating, 
I only find this only 
just meant. 

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Awfully Everything

a stony chest
it's harder to keep breathing when you're 
I missed it
I bet it wasn't pretty 

what do I know

a jestless 
alive for a moment
and dead 

intertwined in
a timeless
perspective or penance 
deriving a moment 
where I felt like a

I like it in my little hole
tell me something 
do you ever feel like you're arriving
late for every

one for every none

only it

paving all my roads with something that
I know I can't quit
finding final spots knowing that
I can finally sit

as exploding under starshine

I think you're awfully everything 

smiling as I sink into 
the bliss of melding
you and me