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all in

the best years
yet invested

testing drops with a rock
see how big the splash is

set a timer on the bomb 
under cloud cover

molding a future where I smile at you
in the shower

in all the shamelessness 
waving with my white flag

a Trojan horse behind me full of
something that they've never seen

sweet nectarine

my only beauty queen

shattering dimensions

I'm open-chested happily

I smell your hair through the airwaves
sense the coming crash in the distance
smacking down eventually

slow the dice rolls
kiss 'em right before I throw

7 dots

welcome home
we belong 

Organic Thoughts


The deepest hole I've ever dug shrugged and let the ground fall from underneath my steel toes. Fighting off my own devices, I'm keeping me aware. In case of emergency, break the glass, momentous cracks barely held together with super glue, hopes and prayers. It seems my legacy is being browbeaten, tied too tightly, but loosely held, stuck floating on the ceiling, or am I just dreaming?
Souls coaxing in and out of unconscious obnoxiousness. I cry a river just to give the dirt a current. They say, one day, as our catchlights start to flicker, all pain escapes our vessels. Sometimes it feels so near.
When nightmares treat me better than the fear of sleeping, losing logic like the serum in my blood missing crimson, I roll over and crack my back in ways to snap back to reality, savagely.
Mind your step, this is no place for passivity.
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hath no fury

The devil dragged me down to hell.
She found a way to strap me down.
A painful stare across the room. 
paralysis entombed

They found me mute in lifeless noise.
Grant me with a crown of thorns.
Teach me how to live in chains.
demonically annoyed

My sorrow marrow yelling "wake me!"
Jellyfish refusing stinging.
Charley horse my buttered bread.
I found an entrance back.

The bump atop my temple, painful.
Poison me to slow the tempo.
Speaking to the robots in a language
they enjoy.

The hairs are standing from my pores.
My boat is beaching on the shore.
The kraken is erratic,
as I swim into the depths.
Organic Thoughts

a peaceful man

The last lightning strike staggered him, shaking the ground as it enflamed the lone tree dying in the field. He laid there, staring at the grey sky moving its angry clouds at a feverish pace. His hands met the soil as he pushed himself up to face the roar of the flames.

"Almost got me that time," he exhausted with a slight laugh. He stood and wiped the dirt from his jeans. His steed must've been a mile away by now, cutting the horizon in a gallop.
With no way to escape the storm encasing his midst, he stared at the embers raging in front of him.

"I hear you, but I don't understand," he muttered at the sky, as a slight trickle of rain tickled his cheeks.

His shotgun laid dead in the plains, arms length from where his feet left the surface. Then he saw them. Laying impressions in the pasture, bodies prone and slowly encroaching. It wasn't their mission he sensed, it was their fear. The whites of their eyes broke through the tan strands demanding them to cease.

In the immediate shock of not being the open field kindling, he took his time to stagger to his rifle. 

He shouted, valiantly, 
"Well boys, it looks like God doesn't want you in these parts," he leaned down and retrieved his resolver,
"you should heed His message, because that's not the only thunder he's brought to you today."

Stone faced, he shot a shell into the distance, just to make em squirm.

"The lord giveth, and the lord taketh away," a slug hanging from his teeth as he loaded two more rounds into his sword,
"And today, I'm your Huckleberry."

The bodies quivered the stalks surrounding them as they finally realized the fearlessness encroaching their position.

"I'm sorry sir, I can't, I've got kids!"
A slumped body rose halfway, running down the hill it had approached upon.

One shot.

The screams melded with the murmur of electricity flowing through the atmosphere.

"Now, I told you boys to leave me be, but you wouldn't listen."

He walked slowly towards the hilltop.

"He got me good sheriff!"

"Shut your fuckin mouth deputy."

"Oh, c'mon now, that's no way to talk to your subordinates."

And then he saw it.
The glistening star shown through the wind and the wheat.

"Should've let me be sheriff."

Aiming down his irons,
he blasted away.
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je ne peux pas décrire à quel point je t’aime

I chew my toothpicks till I break em down to splintered bits

I nail my palms in different ways until it makes sense

describing sovereignty
bleeding out on shoestrings

the path of finding muddled muddy waters
under everything

sweeter than a strawberry
extra fucking ordinary

the way you smile 
inside your snake pit
bravest kind of lady 

scene craft smacking 
laying on the floor writhing

tell me every secret 
and I'll swallow keys 
to keep em precious

waves crashing shorelines
conform my 
to throw the news to ruin breakfast
glass shattered

tone deaf
ruffled feathers falling from
the nest inside the silk pedals
lining up my windowsill

drive home

sky fold
moon running
faster than the stars
from the sun show

tell me everything

never ever let the evanescence of impermanence
leave without you kissing me

the sharks gathered for a feast
little did they know

that I'm bleeding out because I want a fight
before I finally go

stone's throw
almost feel my lips
finally reaching yours

too long
I'll knock until the front door



My fingers trembled. 
Sweat lacing my brow as sunken cheeks squeezed my scowl into a pucker, I reached into my chest pocket. The brown stains on my handkerchief reinvigorated color as a glistening glow of crimson spattered, coughing violently into my palm.

"Doc, you alright?"

"I'm fine Wyatt, just peachy."

Shutters slammed in anticipation as the townsfolk cowered in the corners of their rooms. 

The bar fights and a cryptic soliloquy was all I ever needed to take their breaths away.

Thirty shots in thirty seconds.

"You're all under arrest."

"No, sir, I don't think we are".

Stumbling under the weight of my tarnished lungs, I found a way back to the saloon.

"Glass of whisky barkeep."
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it was all a dream

How many people can you fit inside a coffin?

How many times did I decide to venture

a spot of darkness
spiders feed

saw myself 

pacing on the floorboards
continuing continuation

left to the right
finally turn around

breathe less 

light left
pulling down a string to end the

sit and wonder
what's inside the black

remark less

staring at the Max Payne
on Christmas

and barely stable

listen to the flesh of fallen angels

diving into bullets

I know how to fucking
kill you

smark mark
Holy Shit
he jumped into a table

X, Triangle, Square, Circle
then R1
flailing fingers
fill my hollow

Remember when the only thing that mattered was corrupting every save point?

Metal Gear Solid

now we feed on
"who'd you fuck?"
"why's my paycheck short a sum?"
"why can't I unravel in the things that let me
lose an hour?"

I don't know my old friends.
I don't care about their health
or their families.
You're nothing more than
common sheep.

"We choose our paths",
said your guidance counselor.
Right before they drove home and confided
in a bottle of tequila.
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eat shit before describing the taste

eat enough
it all tastes the same

take a break from monotony
check your feed

sending screams into the void

method acting as we sleep
snoring like it's
Oscar worthy
slap you in the face

paying back
an apple that you stole
on the Euphrates

a tiger on the Tigris
is prowling now
undermining everything

breastbone holding in my
pressure cooker
a slow blow

fusing failed


talking too much
feeling awfully out of touch
here's my realness
if you want

if not?

I'll shove it down your 
fucking throat 
Composed Thoughts

no sees on

An eclectic mess of maddening damages ravages, savagely saving my princess.
The moral magnificence, tormenting sundresses, stork and a blanket that dropped from the heavens.

Toiled, babbling bubbles to sing less, the axe I've been dragging to cut off the headless. 
Dastard describing discrepancy, let me be bold and beneath with a tinge of timidity.
Leftover past lives, I'll meet you again when the sun and the moon find a way to break bread.

Sullen and swollen, the toothaches and dice rolls, sparkling barks at the truck down the road. My sweetness is panicking, roaming the cellar, the ladder, I've lost it.
I'll jump down your well.
Organic Thoughts

The Bright Side

Bitterness and wind make a grouch.
Something in my brain is leaking out.
Suspiciousness insidious, 
I smile at incompetence.
Your karma trap is counting down,
treat you like a demon.


sic 'em

vengefullness can make a monster

running on a wheel until the wheel is
running you
down and out

grace in a pink slip
appreciating arrogance

poke the lion long enough
he'll never stop pursuit